Website Consulting Tips

Website Planning

“Plan to Succeed.” It’s how to create a successful website design project. Consult these websites that provide important techniques, website goals, and objectives.

Create your own website design plan:

 Website Design

Evaluate what technology to use.  Create the correct amount of Flash for your audiences. The programming choices you make and, how those choices are implemented in your website design, have a major impact on your success. Learn the appropriate selection of programming choices: JavaScript, ASP, PHP, or AJAX. You can build a solid, search engine friendly website that is a success for you and your customers.

eCommerce Consulting

Consider adding eCommerce to your website?  Learn about today’s eCommerce choices, the appropriate budget and how it will affect sales, visitor experience, and workload,

Website Content Management

Updated content is critical for search engines and for customers. Consider maintaining and managing your own content or potentially outsourcing and coordinating website content management.  Consider content Management through systems such as WordPress so you can easily do it yourself.

Visitor Traffic Analysis

To determine who visits your website and a myriad of data related to website visits, AUIC provides you links to programs that provide either free or reasonably priced website tracking.  O experts at Pittsburgh Internet Consulting If you do not already have a traffic tracking software in place, we recommend the de facto industry standard: Google Analytics.  It is free to use; easy to install and; is a powerful analysis tool.  AUIC also provides other program tool websites for tracking website traffic

Link Building

AUIC Members consider that one of the most valuable assets for improving rankings in search results is the amount website link popularity.  This is done by improving the ranking in the search engine.  You want to create inbound links to your website or your customers’ websites. Link building of a number of sites to a particular site creates link popularity and determines the rank in the search engines once the user searches with the targeted keywords. Quantity and quality of links determine the amount of ranking increase. Link building drives quality traffic by increasing awareness, visibility and credibility of the website.