AUIC supports the self-employed community and gives back by actively supporting to meaningful causes that make a positive impact

Empowering the Independent Creator Community Through Giving.

AUIC (Association of Independent Creators) is not only dedicated to empowering self-employed individuals but also believes in the importance of giving back to the community. We actively support meaningful causes that have a positive and lasting impact on society. We understand that self-employed individuals are not just contributors to the economy but also agents of positive change. 

Our mission goes beyond just providing resources and services; it’s about making a difference in the lives of individuals and communities. AUIC not only helping them achieve their professional goals but also encouraging them to stand together as a community. Together, we empower self-employed individuals to thrive and create a positive legacy that extends far beyond their individual pursuits.

More details on organizations we support coming soon!

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An Organization designed to help Independent Creators

AUIC (Association of Independent Creators) stands as a steadfast ally for self-employed individuals across various domains. Our mission is to equip independent creators with comprehensive memberships, providing them with the tools, savings, and collaborative opportunities necessary to succeed in their ventures.

“Don’t go it alone! Take advantage of organizations like the AUIC to save money!”

Thomas Miller, Self-Employed Business Owner

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