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Global Medical Conexions-Affordable, Quality Medical Procedures Abroad

AUIC offers its Members free access to Global Medical Conexions (GMCx), offering the premier, highest quality global network of medical hospitals and medical centers offering exception pricing of both elective and medically necessary medical operations. Refer to the website and “Contact”. Mention “AUIC Member” to obtain a waiver of the ISPN Network fee and best pricing.

MSN Money advises: “Look abroad for cheaper health care”. The] blend of tourism and medicine doubled last year, with roughly 1.5 million Americans heading abroad for medical care in 2008, according to consultancy Deloitte Center for Health Solutions… It’s hard to argue with the savings, especially in recessionary times. Surgeries and dental makeovers in Asia and Latin America can cost as little as 10% of the equivalent services in the United States. Deals like that have some major U.S. insurers now peddling the overseas option as a way to cut costs on pricey procedures.”

Global Medical represents an established global network of highly qualified partners in the healthcare industry. Their goal is to harness the vast potential of international healthcare provider options and translate these benefits into seamless solutions and value for clients. As a leading International Select Provider Organization™ with offices in San Francisco, Miami, Bangkok, and throughout Latin America, GMCx makes comprehensive healthcare services across the globe accessible in ways never before possible. Our fully-packaged healthcare services are designed to take the complications and anxiety out of receiving medical care overseas by utilizing only the highest-quality medical providers and dedicated in-country regional program managers. The result is international-standard medical care that can be combined with a rehabilitating vacation at costs that are dramatically lower than the procedure alone in the US. GMCx provides access to the world’s top healthcare facilities and doctors, located in cosmopolitan cities around the globe, currently in South America. GMCx offers a wide range of procedures in comprehensive packages that include all services and accommodations.

GMCx frequently asked questions

  1. What services does GMCx provide?

Within our network, we provide comprehensive customer support and concierge services that help our customers through every step of the medical travel experience.

  1. Why travel for medical care?

Medical travel has many benefits including more affordable health care, easier access to procedures with no waiting times, more personalized service, access to cutting-edge medical technology, and a level of care that is equal to or better than the services available here in the US.

  1. What countries are in your network?

We have a worldwide network that includes Brazil, Columbia, Costa Rica, Israel, Mexico, Panama, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, and New Zealand.

  1. How do you select and screen your hospitals and doctors?

We have personally qualified all of our providers, and only partner with internationally accredited medical facilities, which are held to the highest global standards.

  1. Do they speak English?

Yes, all of the physicians and most of the hospital staff are fluent in English.

  1. Are all of your hospitals the same?

All of our hospitals are internationally recognized medical centers. All provide the highest quality of care, however, there are differences; some locations offer specialized clinical services, others have advanced medical technology, and some specialize in treating international patients.

  1. How will I know where to go once I get there?

You will have a personal concierge representative dedicated to meeting all your needs including transportation to and from the destination airport and hospital, and arrange any sightseeing plans for you and your companion.

  1. How long will I be in the hospital?

You will stay in a comfortable, private hospital suite for as long as your doctor deems necessary.

  1. How do I choose a destination?

There will be a number of destinations available to you, and our care managers will work with you to select the location that best suits your needs.

  1. What if I don’t have a passport?

Our concierge service will help you obtain a passport and visa if necessary.

  1. Is insurance available?

We offer comprehensive individual travel coverage from top carriers. In addition, for groups and companies, we have an exclusive warranty coverage in the event of complications.

  1. Where will I stay?

Our locations offer a broad selection of accommodation choices, pre-approved for their level of service and proximity to the medical facilities.

  1. Can I bring a guest?

You may bring a companion, and their travel costs may be included in the total package price.

  1. How do I communicate with the hospitals and doctors?

Our dedicated care managers facilitate all communications between you, your doctors and the hospital staff, through phone calls, e-mails and video chat sessions.

  1. Will I have to wait for my service?

While we expect no wait times, scheduling is dependent on your personal needs and the type of procedure.

  1. How much can I save?

The estimated cost savings is approximately 50-75% off the US retail price.

  1. Can I finance my medical travel?

Yes, we have financing options available from qualified, reputable lending sources.

  1. What does it cost?

Costs vary by type of treatment. We obtain a selection of competitive quotes for each customer, and work with him or her to select the best option.

  1. If I cancel, is the money refundable?

If the service is canceled within a reasonable amount of time, the deposit is fully refundable.

  1. What if my procedure is not covered by my insurance?

Our network is available for all procedures, regardless of insurance coverage.

Why GMCx

Our guiding principle is to offer a level of service and standard of care that we would want for our family and friends. We understand that you may feel uneasy about traveling abroad for treatment, which is why we are dedicated to providing the best experience for our members: friendly, professional service that’s focused on your personal needs.

We have carefully selected politically stable, westernized countries that welcome American travelers.
The global medical facilities are located in a diverse selection of locations, with options to suit everyone’s needs. We offer the quiet, tropical destinations of Costa Rica and Panama. We have modern, cosmopolitan cities such as Bangkok, Thailand; Sao Paolo, Brazil; Singapore and Jerusalem, Israel. We have the European country of Spain, as well as the English-speaking city of Auckland, New Zealand; and medical centers throughout Mexico for those that are seeking something closer to home.

Our hospitals are reputed to be some of the most high-tech, cutting-edge, health centers worldwide,
where patient travelers receive a standard of care that is equal to or better than what you might
experience in the United States. Treatment is available for many medically necessary procedures, limited only by doctor approval and ability to travel. Members also have access to a broad range of elective procedure packages, which include plastic surgery, weight loss, cosmetic dentistry, and preventative treatments.

GMCx acts as your guide, by providing you a concierge to oversee and manage every aspect of the
medical travel experience. Our representatives counsel every member on location selection and provide pre-travel education including assistance with passport applications, travel arrangements, and hotel accommodations. Concierge providers are located on-site in every country to meet and assist every traveler. In addition, your concierge will arrange medical records transfer and post-operative follow-up care. All you need to focus on is your health and well-being; GMCx will manage the rest. Healthcare is going global, and now it’s available to you!

Contact us or go to the website:

San Francisco (USA)

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Bangkok (Thailand)

Global Medical Conexions Ltd.
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