LinkedIn Business Development

Linkedin for Business Development


Linkedin Provides a Professional Branding Playbook

  • Put a face to your name with a photo
  • Describe yourself in a creative headline
  • Use the Summary and Experience Sections to Showcase Accomplishments
  • Showcase your work with uploads, links, and websites to build expertise
  • Create an extensive Network of contacts and their endorsements
  • Optimize your profile for search with keywords and phrases
  • Create a personalized URL to improve search optimization
  • Link to your profile to your web presence (websites, blogs, etc.)

Stay informed and challenge your current thinking by following channels and thought leaders (Influencers) relevant to your industry or specialization.

Learn directly from industry leaders and best-in-class brands by following companies on LinkedIn, getting their updates right in your feed.

Find and join Linkedin Groups. Look for groups relating to your industry, function, and career interest — then join a few to stay up to date on trending topics and news.

Establish Your Network

Reach out to a broad range of contacts – colleagues, clients, friends, and family.

Reach out to alumni of your schools.

Run a Linkedin search for contacts that might help achieve your business goals.

Focus your search by using Linkedin’s Premium filters for specifics.

Message contacts outside your Network using the Premium feature “Inmail”.

Stay in touch: Maintain contacts by communicating periodically.

Build Your Brand

Share updates and insights with your Network (articles, news, videos).

Promote and share accomplishments, bodies of work and accolades with Network.

Share, comment and like updates you enjoy with your Network.

View the people who are reviewing your Network.

Embed your LinkedIn profile into your email signature or add your personalized profile URL to your business card.

Use successful business-oriented blog posts, articles, and updates from your other social platforms to create a high-quality stream of personal updates.

Increase exposure for your posts and start a conversation around a topic by mentioning companies or connections in updates.

Utilize Linkedin Checklists for timely, consistent Brand Building.

Also Use Linkedin Tools for Marketing, Sales, and Hiring