Hello, we’re glad you’re here! We strive to provide continuing education and professional services to the internet business and entrepreneurial community. By providing this information, creating connections, and offering professional services, our members benefit from new perspectives while helping to foster growth in the industry.

We Are Here to Help You

The founding principle and mission of the AUIC is to provide continuing education and professional services and products within the internet consultant, internet business, and entrepreneurial community.  AUIC provides its members with educational content, professional educational blogs, and roundtable discussions in specific group chat rooms.  AUIC launches a new article every month that will share a new service, product ideas, small business advice, and other important topics for internet consultants, businesses and entrepreneurs.

AUIC furthers its mission by providing members with a network of knowledgeable and experienced fellow internet consultant and business professionals.  AUIC’s educational resources assist members in starting a new business, expanding or buying an existing business, or using the internet to enhance personal and business endeavors. Let AUIC guide you and your organization to Mentoring Programs and become part of an industry peer group that combines the business power and professional experience of fellow members.

By providing this information, creating connections, and providing necessary personal and professional services, education and benefits, AUIC members benefit from new perspectives while also helping to foster profitable growth in their internet businesses and the internet consulting industry.

AUIC Members have access to the most up-to-date and reliable information, products, services and resources necessary for the most efficient operation of their business. These resources leverage the use of the internet to develop strategies to lower costs, increase marketing and sales, and drive up revenues and profits.  AUIC can guide members and assist them in developing the latest techniques and technologies to make smarter and more effective marketing decisions, turning information into market intelligence, and add new distribution to traditional distribution channels to create customer value.

AUIC Board of Directors

The five members of the AUIC Board of Directors pledge their service to the Association without compensation, removing any issue of partiality or conflict of interest in the governance of AUIC business affairs.  The directors are elected to one year terms.  The current Board of Directors have a wealth of business and personal experience in diverse businesses and a strong commitment to community service, philanthropy and personal and business integrity.  The Board is responsible for determining the ultimate mission and purpose of the Association and oversight of the officers’ implementation of the Association’s policies.  The current Board of Directors is composed of the following Individuals:

Robert R. Lehman, JD                                                                                                

Robert Lehman is currently the President of AUIC and Lehman Consulting, LLC.  His past experience and associations include:  Shareholder in the Law Firm of Murphy, Stolper, Brewster and Desmond, SC; President of Badgerland Harvestore, Inc.; Chairman and CEO of North American Insurance Company, and President and Chairman of the Board of International Funding, Ltd.  He has been of the Boards of Directors of Lake City Bank, United Bank and Trust and Valley Bank Corporation and the Dane County Red Cross.  He has been involved in events and committees of the Evans Scholars Foundation and Dane County Regional Planning Commission.

Philip Fisher

Philip Fisher has a long and distinguished career in the radio broadcasting business as an executive and now as a key shareholder and Director of the Mid-West Family Broadcasting, a diverse group of 39 Midwest radio stations.  His experience, knowledge of marketing and meaningful commitment to community causes and involvement make Phil Fisher an invaluable part of AUIC.

Gerald A. Stewart

Gerald Stewart has a long and distinguished career in the Life and Health Insurance Business.  The former President of Reliable Life and Casualty and North American Insurance Companies, he currently is involved in SCORE Madison, a non-profit and free business advice organization providing experienced business professionals to new or start up business enterprises.  Gerald Stewart is an important part of the evaluation of potential and selected AUIC sponsored insurance programs that are meaningful to AUIC members.

William Finn,

07.06.16 Currently the President of William Finn & Associates, Inc. Bill Finn brings a wealth of business expertise and experience to the AUIC Board of Directors.  He provides QuickBooks consulting services to businesses and accounting professionals. Mr. Finn has worked with accounting and business systems software for the past 15 years helping small businesses and non-profit organizations achieve their goals.  Bill Finn specializes in setting up customized solutions for clients based on their total business information and financial needs. He helps clients systematize and streamline their office procedures by integrating leading-edge technology with their accounting systems.  He had previously worked in key management areas with Duff & Phelps and Arthur Anderson Accounting Firm.

Randall S. Grobe, CPA

Randall Grobe founded Grobe & Associates Accounting Firm, and currently is engaged in tax and business consulting for entrepreneurs, businesses and individuals.  He is active in the American and Wisconsin Institutes of Certified Public Accounts, and is and has been an active member of numerous community and charitable organizations and Boards of Directors.  His expertise and experience in Federal and state tax issues and involvement in health, real estate and other businesses provides the AUIC Board of Directors with unique and diverse skills.